Japanese Creator      Joe a.k.a The Killer

me and niece


Jesus of Suburbia


Yokohama Sakuragicho. Over 10 years ago.

Graffiti Artist and Art

Blacky 14 (Fake Strat)  1993 model (hot rail and all parts are fender)


Gibson Les Paul Junior   (P-90 Dog Ear)

fender JagStang (JB Hum)

Jazz Bass

An acoustic guitar my friend gave me after my band broke up and classical guitar


Get a skateboard first sponsor at the age of 12 in Shizuoka Numazu



violin and piano

白昼夢が反転した夜 月にサーカスが見える On a night when my daydreams are reversed, I see a circus on the moon.


With undying love, his voice is in slow motion


Let’s say common words
It’s never too late to start

親に捨てられたあの子が 滑り台を滑っていく 

That child who was left behind by his parents is sliding down the slide.

伸びきった袖を犬に噛まれながら、許せない!何て言うんだ You say I can't "forgive" him as the dog bites your long sleeves.

葉っぱの雫が飲み水で俺たちは若くして死んでいく The drops on the leaves are our drinking water, and we die young.

細胞はゼリー状の”嘘”ってやつに浸ってるんだよ Cells are soaked in a jelly-like “lie”.

青空に同じ方向を見ているから 遠くを見てる君がいいこと It’s good that you’re looking far away because we’re looking in the same direction against the blue sky

仏の手のひらでブギーを踊って dancing boogie on the palm of buddha

全て錯覚だ 君の道のための錯覚だ It’s all an illusion, an illusion for your path

君の肩が小さく見えた時 白い頭になびく壮麗 When your shoulders look small Majestic

on a white head

プラスチックの燃える匂い 夏の川の渡り石 The smell of burning plastic, the crossing

stones of a summer river

サボテン畑でラッパ飲み Drink a lot in a cactus field

大したことじゃねえ 世界が苦しんでるほどのものはねえ It’s not a big deal, it’s not worth the suffering the world is suffering from.

人気の街に複数の目 散々なる思考 Multiple eyes in a popular town, scattered thoughts

全ては美しくて全てはクソのようだ Everything is beautiful and everything like shit

今は未来で 過去なんだ ねえ 親方 It’s the future and it’s the past Hey, boss

一生なんて言葉 簡単に使うもんじゃない “Lifetime” is not a word you can use lightly

それがいいと思えばそれはきっといいことなのだ If you think it’s good, then it’s good

.君は笑っているけど 銃痕は残ったまま You’re laughing but the bullet holes are still there

どうせ自分なんかって言いながらマスターベーションするんだ “What’s the point of me?” he says as he masturbates.

ものすごい反骨心のような 得体の知れない感覚 Something mysterious, like a tremendous rebellious spirit

生ぬるい破壊は自分を殺す A half-hearted method of destruction will kill you

行き場所もない魂の亡霊 Ghosts of souls with nowhere to go

欲望から抜ければ、価値なんてないんだよ Without desire there is no value

全力で破壊すべきなのだ It must be destroyed with all its might.